Take part together with your class in a competition campaign Comenius to Classrooms!

“Comenius to Classrooms” is the name of a competition campaign which started on February 1st, 2020. Competing will be class collectives from primary and secondary schools in the Czech Republic and Czech schools abroad, who will try to make Comenius “present” in their classroom in an inventive and creative manner.

The centre of the competition is placed on a Facebook site, on which all the projects will be made public and winners will be announced every month. A poster download here and the official spot here of the national celebrations can serve as inspiration.

The competition campaign will last till November 30, 2020. The class collective will send via their class teacher their project with a short description and one photo or video sequence to the e-mail address Students from primary and secondary schools in the Czech Republic and from Czech schools abroad can take part.

Competition rules download here.

All sent-in projects will be published on the Facebook site Comenius to classrooms! An expert commission will choose winning projects each month and explain its decision. The winning classes will be awarded a diploma and receive special gifts.

Competition Comenius and Us

The competition Comenius and Us was established on the initiative of the Unie Comenius in 2002. The following year it became a nationwide competition and started to be organized by the Comenius Primary School in Brandýs nad Orlicí. Its announcer is the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the Czech Republic.

The competition is organized for three age categories - A category (pupils of 1st to 5th grade of primary school) competes in art creations, B category (pupils of 6th to 9th grade of primary school) and C category (students of all types of higher secondary schools) in literary essays and in a knowledge quiz.

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Educational programmes of Comenius National Pedagogical Museum and Library

Educational programme Come here, child

The programme has been prepared as an aid for enhancing the school instruction about life and work of J. A. Comenius. The main stress is laid on his legacy to the world education and on his pedagogical principles, life-long and systemic education accessible to all. Comenius is presented as a popular artistic object (post stamps, portraits, banknotes, sculptures etc.).

The programme is offered in two variants for elementary and for lower secondary schools


Loans of Comenius National Pedagogical Museum and Library’s exhibitions

Exhibition “Education for All. Comenius’ Legacy”

The exhibition is lent free of charge to be installed in schools (the school only pays the transport), either as 19 independent banners or in an electronic form which can be printed or projected. Czech and English versions available.

Exhibition “Building Bridges. Daniel Arnošt Jablonský in early Enlightenment Europe”

The exhibition presents life story of Comenius’ grandson, Daniel Arnošt Jablonský (1660 – 1741). During all his life he strived to bridge the differences between individual protestant religions. Jablonský won high acclaim as an Orientalist and Hebrew scholar. Together with a renowned philosopher and polyhistorian, G.W. Liebniz, he played a pivotal role in the establishment of Berlin Science Society (later academy of sciences) in 1700.

The exhibition includes 20 hanging textile canvases (10pcs 140x150 cm, 10pcs 70x150 cm) and a wall pendant system is necessary for its installation. Available in Czech version.

Exhibition “Comenius’ fascinating Labyrinth of the World and Paradise of the Heart in collages by Miroslav Huptych”

The exhibition introduces collages of a foremost Czech artist inspired by Comenius’ most frequently translated work. It is made of 30 panels (16pcs 100x70 cm, 14pcs 60x70cm) and a wall pendant system is needed for its installation. Czech and English versions available.

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